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Agency Organizer Features
Lead Capture Lead Capture
Multiple Communication Channel Multiple Communication Channels
Letter and Email Templates Letter and Email Templates
Customized Information Fields Customizable Information Fields
Outlook Integration-NEW! Outlook Integration-NEW!
User Accounts User Accounts
Customize Display Customizable Display
Integrated Contact Management Integrated Contact Management
Sales Force Automation Sales Force Automation
360 Client Historical View 360° Client Historical View
Secure Access and Password Protection Secure Access and Password Protection
Calendar and Scheduling Calendar and Scheduling
Advance Search and Filter Advance Search and Filter
Predefined and Custom Reporting Predefined and Custom Reporting
Virtual Document Management Virtual Document Management
Paramed Exam Integration Paramed Exam Integration
Built-In Quote Engine and Health Analyzer Built-In Quote Engine and Health Analyzer
Commission Tracker Commission Tracker
Agent Management & Activity Tracking Agent Management & Activity Tracking
Creat & Store Complete Application Package Create & Store Complete Application Package
Auto-Populated Insurance Forms with Interview Process Auto-Populated Insurance Forms with Interview Process
Online Application with Online Application with
e-signature Capabilities
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Lead Capture 
Auto-capturing Lead information will save hours of data entry time and ensure that the information stored in your database is tracked accurately. AgencyOrganizer can be customized to receive leads in virtually any digital format from all of your current and future lead sources. Place a contact form directly on your own website as well to make sure all Referral and future business remains in one central location.
Multiple Communication Channels
The key to success is communication. AgencyOrganizer provides integration with a multitude of communication channels such as Email, Snail Mail, and even Phone integration.
Letter and Email Templates
Templates can either be pre-written or custom built within AgencyOrganizer. Templates can be uploaded to the system for instant access and custom templates can be built to pull in data such as first name to make your emails and letters unique for each client. All Templates can be edited and maintained within AgencyOrganizer to make your work environment organized and efficient.
Customizable Information Fields
AgencyOrganizer is a program built for you to customize. There are a variety of tools to create additional information fields, filter and sort data within the system based on your own criteria, and display data according to your own liking. This allows AgencyOrganizer to be used for ALL of your Financial and Insurance clientele.
Outlook Integration – NEW!
AgencyOrganizer is now fully integrated with Microsoft’s Outlook. Now AgencyOrganizer will not only SEND emails to your clients, but when they REPLY you will receive a copy in the client’s profile allowing you to keep all email communication stored within a record for immediate access and review.
User Accounts
Each account has a separate username and password. AgencyOrganizer provides a hierarchy that can establish different user permissions and secures all of the data in a separate database for each Client. All of the data that is transferred in and out of the program is secure and encrypted to ensure your Client’s confidentiality.
Customizable Display
AgencyOrganizer's display is completely user customizable. With various changes to the color scheme, display of information, and custom field names, AgencyOrganizer provides unparalleled user customization. With such customization, the user is able to achieve not only aesthetic appeal, but also a workspace which is highly suitable to their needs.
Integrated Contact Management
One of the most important tools to an Agent is the ability to set appointments and reminders. Keeping track of contacts and appointments is crucial to maintaining steady business. AgencyOrganizer provides a variety of Contact Management tools that will auto-populate client information, set reminders to pop up at designated times, and track the number of contacts, length of phone calls, and provide a complete historical record of the number of attempts made for each Lead in the system.
Sales Force Automation
AgencyOrganizer is equipped with tools to automate functionality like sending emails, tracking leads, creating documents, and much more. Each account can be customized by its user to have automated triggers that will perform functions on your behalf saving time and effort that could be spent contacting more prospects. Sales Force Automation is taken to a new level with AgencyOrganizer as this custom feature can perform not just one, but multiple tasks with a click of just one button.
360° Client Historical View
Each function, module, or task within AgencyOrganizer provides a time stamp and record. A complete history of activity for every client is stored for instant access within the system. Whether it is an email that was sent, a quote comparison, or appointment, the AgencyOrganizer will keep a complete record of the event.
Secure Access and Password Protection
AgencyOrganizer focuses on protecting data from the physical, technological and process perspectives. Our commitment is to the sufficient resources and expertise to protect customer data against both internal and external treats. We deliver technical solutions and support these solutions with physical protection and processes that ensure data safety.
Calendar and Scheduling
Using built-in calendar, user can schedule a meeting, follow-up notes, mark recurring events with reminder, and keep track of day to day task. Popup alert is reminding user for calendar events. From calendar user can access case profile with one click while maintaining complete history of such events
Advance Search and filter
AgencyOrganizer offers an advanced search feature to help you find the data you are looking for by allowing you to enter detailed information. Advance search function enable users to search any data from the database then enable to filter the data result for accurate and required result.
Predefined and Custom Reporting
Tracking and measuring information and sales statistics can be difficult at times. With AgencyOrganizer’s Reporting modules, measuring performance is easy. All of the information within the system is filtered through our reporting module. The system provides some reports that are already created to measure the Sales Automation and Status automation for instant viewing. Additionally, each user can create a custom report within the system following a customized set of criteria and rules. Setting up this process has been designed with a simple step by step flow so you spend less time creating your reports, and more time analyzing them!
Virtual Document Management
Many Agents have already pre-written email and mail templates that have proven successful for them. Rather than having to re-create these documents, AgencyOrganizer will allow an Agent to easily upload the document making it available at any time for any client. If a Document is uploaded it can also be made “Public” so that fellow agents working together can share the templates and save time during setup.
Paramed Exam Integration
With One Click of a button each Agent can order Paramed exams instantly with AgencyOrganizer. All of the required information will be pulled from the database and instantly sent to the Exam facility to place the order. This allows complete tracking from start to finish. Once the Exam facility has imaged the updated application the data can be transferred BACK to AgencyOrganizer. The Client’s record will then be updated with the documentation collected by the examiner.
Built-In Quote Engine and Health Analyzer
AgencyOrganizer provides a built-in Term Quote Engine which provides quotes for over 140 top insurance companies. All of the client information is pre-populated in the quote engine to make it fast and accurate for running quotes. Agents can put together Quote Comparisons, email or print the information with ease, and keep track of a history for all quotes generated for each client. The Quote History section provides a graphical interface depicting each set of quote comparisons for your client and highlighting those that the client chose to move forward with.
Commission Tracker
One of the most tedious jobs for an Agent or Agency is managing and reporting on Commissions. AgencyOrganizer can be integrated with our CommissionOrganizer to manage commission levels from start to finish.
Agent Management & Activity Tracking
Managing a Group of sales individuals is important when measuring sales performance. AgencyOrganizer provides Agent Management tools like Phone Call tracking and integration, instant Reporting & Automated Status integration, Lead tracking and reporting, as well as a complete Administrative platform.
Create & Store Complete Application Package
When it’s time to take the application, AgencyOrganizer will provide the application and ancillary forms for your carrier. Each Carrier Application is fillable and will automatically populate some of the information that is already stored in the database such as name, address, and contact information. This will allow you to take the application faster and store it directly in the Client’s profile. Once the application has been signed by the client it can also be re-uploaded into the system so you can keep a record of their signed documentation.
Auto-Populated Insurance Forms with Interview Process
The AgencyOrganizer system handles both fillable forms and electronic data entry methods. Our technology starts with electronic data entry and from there; rules are created and set as to how the system handles the information. AgencyOrganizer is capable of a multi-pronged approach to accommodate all structural data processes. We have the technology to convert imaged forms to a fillable structure for data overlay collected from our electronic data entry interface. AgencyOrganizer follows the ACORD business standards allowing us to easily transact, transform, and share captured information with other ACORD abiding entities. The interview process technology is also compliant with the electronic data interchange (EDI) standards. Based on our application’s data import/export methodology, we are able to both import and export information seamlessly through client databases, illustrations and third-party form data structures. With this flexibility, we are able to create an offline application process which is easily installed on a laptop. This approach allows a user to take offline hardware to collect face to face data which can then be synchronized with the online application.
Online Application with e-signature capabilities
AgencyOrganizer's e-signature and electronic data entry form capabilities have, from their inception, followed both ESIGN and UETA compliance standards. Unlike competitors that claim that they are compliant with such mandates, AgencyOrganizer truly is compliant. Our e-Signature standards, server security and methods of business continuity are put through security testing each year. The AgencyOrganizer's e-signing module ensures that all legal elements are managed throughout the document's cycle. The first key element is audit trails which ensures the transaction is secure and that all signers' actions are tracked in a way that is admissible in court. The audit trail is attached to every stage of the online transaction and stored at our SAS70-complient data center that is monitored 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. AgencyOrganizer encrypts all files to ensure that only the individuals designated by the sender can read and sign the documents. Our encryption methods consist of RSA/AES and SHA1 hashing algorithms.