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The BimSym Pledge
Our mission is to attain leadership in our chosen field, through our commitment, creativity and innovation, quality-consciousness, experience and ability to provide value-for-money.
BimSym pledges its commitment -- to its customers, employees, partners and community.
BimSym pledges excellence to its customers in everything we make and market. We promise to continually improve our products through -- listening to our customers, research and development, innovation and a commitment to be the best
BimSym pledges to its employees ---personal respect, honest and equitable treatment. We will make every effort to provide opportunity to foster a culture of excellence, leadership, and innovation. We allow every BimSym employee to become a balanced individual.
BimSym pledges to its partners a courteous, ethical behavior, good practices and respect. We pledge to build and uphold the trust and goodwill for building successful business relationships.
Corporate Citizen
BimSym is committed to be a good corporate citizen, by providing a helping hand for worthy causes, thereby building a well developed strong community. BimSym has made a commitment to donate its time and profit for community development initiatives
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About Us
For over 10 years, BimSym has been a software development company specializing in developing and utilizing various pieces of technology to enhance the insurance industry. Our focus is on improving the technologies and practices for assembling previously developed, existing components, and additional commercial off-the-shelf software (COTS) into business management systems. An approach like this is only made possible through experience at each of these levels. From consultation to development, AgencyOrganizer has been engineered by professionals that can offer this knowledge and provide insight into our development. AgencyOrganizer will drastically reduce the margin for error, provide a complete application packet upon first submission, and reduce the overall time spent processing and allow more time to be spent on creation and maintaining of new business contacts and human resources.

Various system architect modeling tools have enabled BimSym to develop and provide custom online management information applications and software such as customer relation management system (CRM) and Agency Management System (AMS) to give a unique solution to your internet presence.  Other services offered by BimSym include graphics design, website design and hosting, and custom programming, all of which will enable you to pick and choose what you require to have the most effective web presence as possible.