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With its integrated features and functionality, AgencyOrganizer exceeds expectations by providing cost effectiveness, security, and customizability in all areas of operations. AgencyOrganizer's effectiveness ranges from linear integration of data to pioneering effective Agency Management procedures that aid agencies with organization and the ability to earn higher profits and increased market share.
Allow AgencyOrganizer to Close Your Insurance Sales - a Smarter Way!
AgencyOrganizer is able to store all of the documents for the user’s cases and associates. From emails to scanned documents, AgencyOrganizer allows the user to keep track of every document that is vital for recordkeeping, without the clutter and possible loss of hardcopies of documents. Not only will AgencyOrganizer track your documents, the application also has the ability to keep records of any notes, phone calls, appointments, and more. AgencyOrganizer can also organizer your time with its built in calendar and task tracking features. Due to its document management and other organizational features, AgencyOrganizer is useful for business management implementations ranging from small offices to large corporate entities.
Product Integration
AgencyOrganizer also touts integration with other applications and solutions provided by BimSym. Leads can automatically be imported via the insurance quote generator, CustomQuotePage. This type of integration saves users time spent filling out forms because the quote generator that is filed by leads automatically transcribes similar information into their file in AgencyOrganizer.
Instant Data
With AgencyOrganizer’s ability to create custom, or generic, forms, the user saves time doing repetitive work because the user does not have to fill out the same information numerous times. The custom forms can be used for a multitude of reasons and the pre-made reports save the user time that could be better focused on upcoming leads.
Platform Independent
AgencyOrganizer is accessible from any operating system that is connected to the internet. If an important business matter occurs, the user is able to access their account from any location, regardless of the OS, and do what is necessary to secure the business transaction. For example, if the user is not at the Windows-based office and is at home using Mac OS, the user is still able to access his or her account regardless of the OS change.
Paperless Office
Using AgencyOrganizer, Agents are able to interact with Brokers and Carriers in a paperless environment, allowing for greater accuracy and efficiency while lending to an overall increase in production. Using AgencyOrganizer, an agent is able to log in from any location and access every tool necessary to produce an accurate and concise insurance application, without the need to carry around physical case folders. At the same time, the client, producer, or upline user is spared the redundancy of data entry. Each bit of information is mapped throughout the system to populate all areas where the data is the same.

AgencyOrganizer protects the user’s account and files from various attacks on the account data. With sufficient resources and expertise, BimSym is able to protect information from both internal defects and external threats.
End-to-End Solution
Such technology will drastically reduce the margin for error, provide a complete application packet upon first submission, and reduce the overall time spent processing and allow more time to be spent on production of new business. The modules featured within AgencyOrganizer tie into every detail of daily routine and provide an excellent solution for the needs of any insurance agency.
Time Management
With the use of AgencyOrganizer’s built in calendar, users have the ability to save time by not having to write down tasks, meetings,interviews, and other events. The calendar module allows the user to create tasks or other events with the click of a button. Appointments and tasks can even be made from within a case’s profile, such that the appointment is specific to that individual. The use of the calendar in AgencyOrganizer will save the user a vast amount of time with scheduling issues.
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AgencyOrganizer Features
Lead Capture Lead Capture
Multiple Communication Channel Multiple Communication Channels
Letter and Email Templates Letter and Email Templates
Customized Information Fields Customizable Information Fields
Outlook Integration-NEW! Outlook Integration-NEW!
User Accounts User Accounts
Customize Display Customizable Display
Integrated Contact Management Integrated Contact Management
Sales Force Automation Sales Force Automation
360 Client Historical View 360° Client Historical View
Secure Access and Password Protection Secure Access and Password Protection
Calendar and Scheduling Calendar and Scheduling
Advance Search and Filter Advance Search and Filter
Predefined and Custom Reporting Predefined and Custom Reporting
Virtual Document Management Virtual Document Management
Paramed Exam Integration Paramed Exam Integration
Built-In Quote Engine and Health Analyzer Built-In Quote Engine and Health Analyzer
Commission Tracker Commission Tracker
Agent Management & Activity Tracking Agent Management & Activity Tracking
Creat & Store Complete Application Package Create & Store Complete Application Package
Auto-Populated Insurance Forms with Interview Process Auto-Populated Insurance Forms with Interview Process
Online Application with Online Application with
e-signature Capabilities
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